You Can Still Sell Your House Fast in a Bad Economy

The U.S. economy was surging before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020. However, over the last few months, many homeowners are experiencing the biggest recession since the Great Depression. The economy has impacted jobs, numerous industries, the stock market, and, yes, the housing market. For many homeowners, now may not be a good time to sell their house. 

Regardless of the economy or the housing market, you can always sell your house. True, if you try to sell your house the traditional way – i.e., hire a realtor and list the house on the market – you may not find a buyer right now. A more practical way to sell your house fast is to work with a local home buyer in Cincinnati, Ohio. A local home buyer can buy your house as-is for cash. You avoid realtor commissions, closing costs, and repairs.

The Benefits of Selling Your House in a Bad Economy

There are several advantages of selling your house as-is for cash in a poor economy.

You Can Still Get a Good Price

A bad economy usually creates a buyer’s market. House prices are lower, so buyers can negotiate a better deal. This leaves homeowners in a bad situation where they may get taken advantage of by an aggressive buyer. When you combine a low price with selling costs, the chances of making any profit are small. However, when you work with a local home buyer, you may get a better price for your house minus the selling costs.

You Save Money

What are the costs of selling a house today?

  • Realtor commissions
  • Closing costs
  • Selling fees
  • Repairs and renovations
  • Marketing/showing costs
  • Inspections and appraisals

All these items can add up to thousands of dollars in costs that eat into your profits. When you sell your house fast for cash, you bypass all these costs, making it more possible to sell your house quickly in a bad economy.

You Don’t Wait to Sell Your House

It can take several years for a bad economy or housing market to recover. This means that finding a buyer for your house is an uphill climb. When you sell your house as-is to a local buyer, you can close the deal in as little as seven days and get cash in only a few weeks. Local buyers simplify the process and pay all the closing costs. You simply agree to the asking price, sign the papers, and walk away with no strings attached.

You May Avoid Foreclosure or Bankruptcy

Many people living in a bad economy cannot pay their mortgage or other bills. Some people may choose to file bankruptcy or allow the house to go into foreclosure. If you work with a local home buyer in Cincinnati, you can sell your house quickly. This may help you avoid foreclosure or keep from filing bankruptcy by reducing your debt significantly. 

How to Sell My House Fast for Cash

Neighborhood Enrichment takes the burden out of selling your house the traditional way. If you want to avoid needless repairs, listing & showing costs, and closing costs, then follow our three-step process for a fast cash offer.

1. Contact a Local Cash Home Buyer

We are local home buyers that live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Simply call us, and we can schedule a quick visit to your property. Tell us the details of your property and let us assess your house.

2. Get a Fast Cash Offer

If we decide to buy your property, we’ll make a cash offer. Although we do not pay 100 percent of your home’s market value or your asking price, we will make you a fair offer. Plus, you receive cash for your home without all the hassle.

3. Schedule Your Closing Date

If you accept our offer, then we schedule a closing date. You can have cash in your hands in as little as seven days after closing. Plus, we pay all the closing costs! Selling your house for cash has never been easier.

Work with Local Home Buyers in Cincinnati, Oh

If you get a call from an out-of-town home buyer, they may make a quick offer over the phone without even looking at the property. They may also ask you to commit to selling them by asking you to sign a contract. However, out-of-town buyers may make a lower offer on the house after they’ve seen the property, putting you in an awkward situation.

We understand the local market, know the people in the area, and understand the challenges of selling your home. We never make an offer before looking at the property. And, once we make an offer, we stick with it. You work with an honest and straightforward home buyer who makes it as easy as possible for you to get out from under your mortgage or sell your house as-is fast.

Sell My House Fast in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you need to sell your house fast, then contact Neighborhood Enrichment today. We pay 100 percent cash, close in as little as seven days, and help you avoid unnecessary fees. Call us at 513-586-4237 to get a fast cash offer. We are local home buyers in Cincinnati, Ohio.