What Is a Cash Sale in Cincinnati, Ohio?

“How Do I Sell My House for Cash in Cincinnati?”

Depending on your current circumstances, you may be in a unique position to sell your house for cash in Cincinnati, OH. A cash sale is a transaction in which a company that buys houses offers to pay cash for your house. You work directly with the buyer instead of hiring a real estate agent and listing your house on the market. 

A buyer that is willing to buy your house as-is has the cash to buy your property without the need of going through a bank and getting a home loan. As such, the process of selling your house is much simpler with a faster close date. You can sell your house fast in Cincinnati, OH, and move on with no strings attached. 

A Cash Sale Explained

Several characteristics make a cash sale different from a traditional sale. Consider the following comparisons below.

Traditional Sale

A traditional sale is how most homeowners sell their homes. The steps look like this:

  1. Find a real estate agent.
  2. Schedule a house inspection and appraisal.
  3. Make the necessary repairs or upgrades.
  4. List the house on a real estate listing site.
  5. Show the house to multiple prospective buyers.
  6. Find a qualified buyer – agree on the sale terms and conditions.
  7. Close the sale.

Cash Sale

A house cash sale is different than a traditional sale in the following ways:

  1. Find a company that buys houses in Cincinnati, OH.
  2. Schedule a quick walkthrough of the property.
  3. The buyer makes a fast cash offer.
  4. You agree to the offer.
  5. Schedule a close date.

As you can see, a home cash sale is simpler and faster than a traditional sale. You don’t have to take as many steps to make a transaction. Plus, you avoid listing your house on the market, which means that you do not have to hire a real estate agent or make repairs. Sell when you want, close, and move on. 

Am I Eligible for a Cash Sale?

It may sound like an oversimplification, but if you own property and want to sell your house fast, you are eligible for a cash sale. You may believe that you are in a situation that prevents you from selling your house. It may be the case in a traditional sale. 

However, in a cash sale, you can sell your house regardless of your circumstances or the house’s condition. Companies that buy houses in Cincinnati work with sellers in all types of situations, including:

Is a Cash Sale Legal in Ohio?

Certain legal problems may prevent you from selling your house on the market. For instance, if you were going through a divorce and working out the settlement, you may have to wait until after the divorce before you can sell the house. Some conditions may prevent you from selling your property in bankruptcy or foreclosure. 

Generally speaking, no laws or regulations prevent you from selling your house as-is for cash. The only legal terms and conditions are the ones you make with the buyer. A cash sale may actually prevent you from filing bankruptcy or losing your house to bankruptcy. So, it can be a solution if you are currently going through any legal challenges.

What Are the Advantages of a Home Cash Sale?

There are several benefits of a cash sale in Ohio.

You Pay Nothing to Sell Your House

Selling a house today can be so expensive that you may wonder if it’s worth the cost. A traditional sale can involve making repairs and marketing your home. You also need to pay your real estate agent and cover half or all the closing costs. All your expenses go away in a cash sale. The buyer will often agree to pay 100% of the closing costs to make the deal. 

You Don’t Need an Appraisal or Inspection

If you have a damaged, old, or vacant property, you may need to make upgrades or repairs so that the house passes inspection. You’ll also need to schedule an appraisal to give you a ballpark figure on setting the sale price. A home buyer will buy your house as-is. You don’t have to schedule an appraisal or inspection because the house’s condition is not part of the agreement.

Sell Your House When You Want

Today, the average house sale takes about 60 to 90 days. That doesn’t include the time spent on repairs or the closing period. If you are in a time crunch and need to sell your house fast, a traditional sale may not work for you. By contrast, the average cash sale takes seven to 21 days to complete. That’s because you eliminate all the steps you would normally take in a traditional sale.

Sell My House Fast in Ohio

Before you contact the realtor or list your house on the market, do not pass up the chance to sell your house as-is for cash. 

Neighborhood Enrichment is here to help you find the simplest solutions to get cash-in-hand quickly without wasting time and money on repairs and closing costs. We buy houses for cash in Ohio. Call 513-586-4237 today to get a fast cash offer.