What Happens if I Can’t Sell My Vacant House?

Do you have a piece of property that just won’t sell? Has the property been vacant for several months or years? If so, you may believe that you have run out of options. This may be true in a traditional sale. However, there is an alternative to listing your property on the market that could help you sell your vacant house fast.

If you have difficulty unloading your property, you can sell your house as-is for cash directly to a buyer in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can sell your house regardless of your situation, close the sale in only a few days, and walk away with no strings attached. You avoid closing costs, realtor commissions, and home improvement costs. 

Why Is Your House Vacant?

There are few situations more frustrating than struggling to sell your home after you put it on the market. You tried to do everything right, but, in the end, the house will not sell. What’s more frustrating is the situation that caused the house to be vacant in the first place.


Today, more homeowners are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments. As such, the banks take over the house and evict the owners. You may have moved before the foreclosure or bankruptcy went through but have been unable to sell it. As a result, the house is currently vacant. 

Inherited House

A loved one may have recently passed away, leaving you with a property you don’t want. You may have cleaned out the house and even made some renovations to make it sellable. However, for whatever reason, you can’t seem to find a buyer. In these situations, the house is typically outdated, damaged, or old, making it unattractive to buyers.


Whether you are moving for personal reasons, getting a new job, or going through a military transfer, relocation can put you in a position where you need to sell the house fast. However, even if you do not sell the house, you still have to move forward. This situation can create stress as you live and work in one city, but the house is in another city.

Damaged House

A damaged house can create problems quickly. For instance, the house may have been damaged by a natural disaster or a fire. However, the insurance company isn’t going to pay for the damages, leaving you with no choice but to move out. Sadly, you are left with a damaged house that is both vacant and unsellable. 


Selling a house during divorce is common. Neither party wants the responsibility or emotional turmoil associated with living in the house. Couples usually work out a settlement for how to sell the house and divide the proceeds. Most couples want to sell the house fast so that they can move on. However, moving the property quickly is not always possible in a challenging real estate market.

What Is My Best Option for Selling a Vacant House?

Regardless of how long your house has been on the market, your situation is not hopeless. There are alternatives to a traditional sale that may improve your situation. If you are desperate to sell your house fast with no strings attached, your best option is to sell your house as-is directly to a local buyer. This type of transaction is known as a cash sale. 

Step 1: Contact a Buyer

The first step is to pick up the phone and contact a local buyer in Cincinnati, Ohio. A buyer is not a real estate agent or a broker. They are simply someone who wants to work directly with you so that you do not have to list your house on the market. You also do not need a real estate agent.

Step 2: Get a Cash Offer on the House

The buyer looks at your property to assess the value and determine if they are interested in buying it. If so, the buyer will make a cash offer on the property. In most cases, they can make a fast offer so that you do not have to wait. The offer comes in at just under the current market value of your property.

Step 3: Get Cash for Your House

If you accept the buyer’s offer, the last step is to schedule a closing date and get paid for the property. The buyer will often pay most or all of the closing costs, making it easier for you to sell with no expenses. You can typically close within seven to 21 days, allowing you to move on quickly.

Sell My Vacant House Fast for Cash in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you are ready to sell your house or commercial property, then now is the time. You do not have to wait for months to land a deal finally. Neighborhood Enrichment can make a cash offer and put cash in your hands in as little as 30 days. Call 513-586-4237 to schedule a walkthrough of your property. Sell your house fast for cash in Cincinnati, Ohio.