What Are the Steps in a Cash Home Sale?

You may see signs all over your town that read

“We buy houses as-is.”

“We pay cash for houses.”

“Sell your house today.”

“Sell your house as-is for cash.”

“Sell your house fast.”

The question in your mind is, “What do those signs mean and who are the people that post them?” 

The answer to that questions is this: 

  • The signs are for cash home sales.
  • The people putting the signs up are companies that buy houses.

What Is a Cash Home Sale in Cincinnati, OH?

It’s simple. A cash sale is a real estate transaction directly between you and the buyer. There is no broker or real estate agent to mediate the transaction. Since the buyer is paying cash, you sell your house as-is. You make no repairs or upgrades. Plus, you can sell your house for almost any reason regardless of your situation. 

In a cash sale, the buyer makes an offer on your property. If you accept the offer, you schedule a quick close date, sign the paperwork, and walk away with no strings attached. Cash sales are popular with sellers because they can sell their houses faster without spending money on selling costs.

What Are the Steps to Closing a Cash Sale?

One of the reasons why Ohio home sellers love cash sales is because they offer a much simpler home-selling solution with fewer steps. The process looks like this.

Locate a Company That Buys Houses

You can ask around or go online to find a company that buys houses in your area. Make sure you work with a company that is experienced, reputable, and honest. The best house-buying companies offer fair cash offers and will never try to lowball you.

Get the Buyer to Look at Your House

Schedule a quick walkthrough with a home buyer. The buyer may ask you a few questions about the property before they arrive. They will also appraise the current value of the house. Feel free to ask questions during the visit. A good buyer will help guide you through the process.

The Buyer Will Make a Cash Offer

If the buyer is interested in the property they will make a cash offer. Most buyers will make an offer within a day or two so that you do not have to wait. A cash offer will come in at just under your house’s current value.

Close the Sale, Get Paid

Closing in a traditional home sale normally lasts 30 to 45 days. In a cash sale you can close in as little as a week. You simply meet with the buyer, sign the paperwork, and pick up your check. Or the buyer can make a payment transaction online.

Why Would I Choose a Cash Sale?

There are several scenarios in which a cash sale would make sense over a traditional home sale.

  • You are trying to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure.
  • Your family needs fast cash to pay debt or taxes during probate.
  • You and your ex-spouse are trying to find the fastest way to sell your house during a divorce.
  • The tenants in your rental house are driving you mad, and you are ready to call it quits.
  • You just got a new job, and you need to relocate in two weeks.
  • Your house is damaged, vacant, or outdated.

In most of these scenarios, you need to get out of a difficult situation that makes it nearly impossible to sell your house on the market. 

Get a Cash Home Sale from Neighborhood Enrichment

If you need to sell your house fast, but can’t find a buyer, contact Ernest Home Buyers. Let us make a cash offer on your home today. Call 513-586-4237 to get a fast cash offer.