I Have a New Job and Need to Sell My House Fast

Congratulations on your new job! Your new adventure can be filled with exciting opportunities. However, you’ll also face some new challenges – specifically, relocating to a new town. If your new boss expects you to arrive in only a few weeks, you have very few options for selling your house fast. Your best option may be to sell your house fast for cash to a local home buyer in Cincinnati, OH.

A buyer can look at your property, make a fast cash offer, and close the sale in as little as seven days. A cash sale simplifies the selling process and allows you to smoothly get on with the new chapter of your life. Plus, you can take the cash you would have spent on repairs and closing costs and allocate it toward your moving expenses.

How Can I Sell My House Fast When Moving?

A new job puts you in a position where you need to sell your property as quickly as possible to start your new life. However, you may quickly discover that finding a buyer is more difficult in today’s challenging real estate market. What your main options for selling your house?

Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are exceptional and finding good buyers, negotiating deals, and guiding home sellers through the selling process. You can hire a real estate agent who can handle the sale of your house while you and your family are starting your new lives. Real estate agents often work with homeowners who get new jobs and move immediately.

However, there is a major downside to working with a realtor. They charge you a six percent commission to sell your house. If you sold your house for $250,000, the realtor would make $15,000 in commissions. Split two ways, this is $7500 per realtor. Plus, on average, it takes 60 to 90 days to sell through a realtor. That may not be fast enough.

For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

If you do not have to sell your home right away, you may be able to do a for sale by owner (FSBO) and avoid realtors altogether. If so, you can save money on realtor commissions while having greater control over how the sale goes. You can list your house quickly and sell it when you want with no real timeline.

The drawback to an FSBO is that you do all the work. Even worse, you need to take care of the sale while traveling back and forth from your new city. This method can be time-consuming and costly. The average time a house stays on the market in an FSBO is six to twelve months. You may not want to manage your sale and take care of your old house that long.

Sell Your House Fast for Cash

A third option that may be more feasible is to sell your house as-is for cash. You can sell your house fast in Cincinnati, OH, when you work with a local cash home buyer. A local house buyer can look at your house, assess its value, and make a fair cash offer at just below the market value of your home.

You pay zero realtor fees, zero closing costs, and zero home repairs. In most cases, you can sell your house and get cash-in-hand in as little as 30 days. Some transactions can happen in as little as two weeks. It is the fastest way to sell your house if you get a new job and need to move quickly.

How to Sell My House Fast for Cash

Neighborhood Enrichment takes the burden out of selling your house the traditional way. If you want to avoid needless repairs, listing & showing costs, and closing costs, then follow our three-step process for a fast cash offer.

1. Contact a Local Cash Home Buyer

We are local investors that live in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. Simply call us, and we can schedule a quick visit to your property. Tell us the details of your property and let us assess your house.

2. Get a Fast Cash Offer

If we decide to buy your property, we’ll make a cash offer. Although we do not pay 100 percent of the market value of your home or your asking price, we will make you a fair offer. Plus, you receive cash for your home without all the hassle.

3. Schedule Your Closing Date

If you accept our offer, then we schedule a closing date. You can have cash in your hands in as little as seven days after closing. Plus, we pay all the closing costs! Selling your house for cash has never been easier.

Sell My House Fast in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you need to sell your house fast, then contact Neighborhood Enrichment today. We pay 100 percent cash, close in as little as seven days, and help you avoid unnecessary fees. Call us at 513-586-4237 to schedule a quick walkthrough with a local cash home buyer.