Can I Sell My Cincinnati House Fast in a Bad Real Estate Market?

The Ohio real estate market is unpredictable. Constant fluctuations in the market make it difficult to determine how quickly you will find a buyer for your house. So, if you sell your house the traditional way, it could remain on the market indefinitely and delay your plans to get rid of your property and move on. 

Fortunately, there is a way to sell your house fast regardless of how the real estate market performs. You can sell your house as-is for cash to a company that buys houses in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since a cash home sale is a private transaction between you and the home buyer, you don’t have to go through the market to get out of your house or mortgage.

How a Cash Sale Allows You to Sell Your House Regardless of the Real Estate Market

When you sell your house the traditional way, you are largely dependent on the health and stability of the real estate market. The success of your sale relies on interest rates, housing availability, comparable properties, the condition of your house, real estate trends, and whether it’s a seller’s or buyer’s market. 

All of that goes away with a cash sale. Here’s how:

You Work with a Single Buyer

One of the most irritating aspects of selling a house is dealing with multiple potential buyers who may or may not commit to buying your house. Going through constant offers, contracts, and paperwork can be frustrating, especially if none of them pan out. In a cash sale, you work with a single pre-qualified buyer who is ready to commit to purchasing your house. 

You Don’t Compete with Other Home Sellers.

When you list your house on the market, you instantly compete with other sellers. To compete, you have to make repairs or upgrades to your house, costing you thousands of dollars. A buyer has already shown interest in your house in a cash sale. So, you’re not competing.

You Don’t Have to Market Your House

One of the reasons home sellers hire real estate agents is that they believe the agent can give them marketing leverage. The agent may list the house on several listing sites. They may put a sign in the yard. You may also have to stage and show the house. You don’t have to market your house in a cash sale because you’re already involved in a real estate transaction.

You Close the Sale When You Want

Some sellers may delay the sale of their houses until the real estate market improves. However, there is no guarantee that the market will improve. A cash sale gives you the flexibility to sell your house when you want on your terms. You never have to rely on the strength of the market.

You Can Sell Your House During Financial Hardship

Even if the market is doing well, your financial situation may have experienced a downturn. If so, you may not be in a position to sell your house. One of the best things about a cash sale is that it allows you to sell your house during bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, probate, or other tight situations. 

How Do I Get Started With a Cash Sale?

Since you don’t have to rely on the real estate market, a cash sale allows you to sell your home right away. You simply contact a company that buys houses in Cincinnati, Ohio. The steps are simple.

  1. You contact the home buyer.
  2. The buyer assesses your house.
  3. If the buyer is interested, they make a fair cash offer.
  4. You accept the offer.
  5. Close the sale of your house and get paid.

There are several benefits to a cash home sale. First, you don’t have to make any repairs or upgrades to the house. The buyer pays cash for the house as-is. Second, you pay no realtor commissions or closing costs. Last, you can sell your house right now regardless of your situation or the real estate market.

Sell Your House Fast in Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you having trouble selling your house in the current real estate market? If so, contact Neighborhood Enrichment. We buy houses as-is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Let us make an offer on your house and close in as little as a week. Call 513-285-9032 to get a fast cash offer.